HTC Touch Pro 2 Data Restore and Update Profile

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HTC Touch Pro 2 Data Restore and Update Profile

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:13 pm

On the Phone dial pad, enter ##3282#.

Tap the Edit radio button.

Use the Virtual or Qwerty keyboard to enter the 6-digit Master Subsidy Lock (MSL).
Tap ok.

Tap Menu.
Scroll down, then tap Restore.
At the warning prompt, Tap OK.

Tap ok to reset the phone.


Perform an Update Data Profile

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Vision: Update Data Profile On the Today screen, tap Start.
Tap Settings.
On the Settings screen, tap All Settings.

Tap the System tab.

Scroll down and tap the Update Profile icon.

If a data - cannot connect option is seen, tap Dismiss to end this dialogue.
A Device Configuration message will appear
The network is preparing your service…Please wait…
Do not interrupt this process.
If the screen goes into sleep mode, tap the screen to wake up the device.
Do not hold down the End key as it will interrupt the process).
Once completed the device will return to the Settings tab.
Press the Right Phone key to return to the Today screen.
Programming is complete.
Services are provisioned.


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