Connect a Computer to the Overdrive

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Connect a Computer to the Overdrive

Post  aturley on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:52 pm

Make sure battery has been installed and device has been fully charged!!!!!

1.Press power button and hold down for 2-3 seconds.
Sierra Overdrive comes on and LCD lights up.

Device will automatically program/activate when powered on the first time providing that data plan subscription and ESN have been established in Sprint billing system.

2.Wait until Overdrive LCD displays Connect your computer to Wi-Fi network, followed by network name (SSID) and password (default is 12345. However, have customer double check on the Overdrive LCD).
This may take several seconds.
Note: If the Wi-Fi password needs to be viewed again, the user can quickly press the power button twice to view.

3.Tell the customer to use their normal WiFi manager on their computer to connect to Overdrive.
Steps may vary slightly with different WiFi managers.

Windows XP:
Click Start.
Click Connect To.
Click Wireless Network Connection.
Wireless Network Connection Status Pop-up appears.
Click View Wireless Networks.
Select the SSID with Overdrive in the title.
If your PC uses another utility, a message will state that Windows cannot configure the wireless connection.
Refer customer to their PC documentation.

Windows Vista:
Click Start.
Click Connect To.
Click Show Wireless.
Available wireless networks are displayed.
Select the SSID with Overdrive in the title.

MAC OS 10.4+:
Double-click the wireless network Airport icon.
AirPort should be turned on.
After searching is complete select the SSID with Overdrive in the title.
Select the Overdrive entry.
If the MiFi entry is not shown, wait a minute and refresh the list of available networks.
Click Connect.
Enter the network key (WiFi password, which is 12345) and click connect or continue.
Connection is now complete.
The customer may now browse the Internet.


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