Able to Connect but Cannot Browse Web

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Able to Connect but Cannot Browse Web

Post  aturley on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:13 pm

1.Power off the device and remove the battery for 20 seconds.

2.Reboot the computer.

3.Delete Overdrive WiFi profile, then detect and reconnect to Overdrive via WiFi.
If issue is not resolved after the following steps 1-3, check the internet browser configuration and firewall or Internet security settings and correct if necessary.

For Internet Explorer[/b]:
Click [b]Tools
Click Internet Options.
Click the Connections tab.

Ensure either Never dial a connection is selected or that the Sprint PCS connection is set as the default.
Ensure no proxy information is specified by clicking on the Settings button.
Ensure the Use a proxy server for this connection checkbox is unselected.

For Mozilla Firefox:
Click Tools.
Click Options.
Click the General tab.
Click Connection Settings.
Ensure Direct connection to the Internet is selected.


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