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Post  Admin on Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:30 am

Sometimes the computer shows connected but the customer gets this error message.
Troubleshoot in this order, retrying after each step.

1. Make sure the browser is not set to work offline.
2. Test with Ping command.
3. Reboot
4. Try Going to from the run command.
5. Check the IP Address on the PC..
6. Try Shutting down any Firewall software and Antivirus
7. Test with Ping command. If you are able to browse by IP but not DNS, flush the DNS.
8. Try resetting TCP/IP and Winsock
9. Use MSCONFIG to disable startup items and third party services.
10. Create a new Windows user profile
11. Suggest repairing IE
12. Refer to Microsoft/Computer Manufacturer.


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